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no make-up, just woke up, hair real ratchet, feeling like crap version of

Beyonce’s “XO”

I least I know I’m in charge of most of my faculties even when my arms are wicked tingly and I have a pounding headache.

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I feel like I’m pretending, about everything

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Pre-Code Hollywood refers to the era in the American film industry between the introduction of sound in the late 1920s and the enforcement of the Motion Picture Production Code (usually labeled, albeit inaccurately after 1934, as the “Hays Code”) censorship guidelines. Although the Code was adopted in 1930, oversight was poor and it did not become rigorously enforced until July 1, 1934. Before that date, movie content was restricted more by local laws, negotiations between the Studio Relations Committee (SRC) and the major studios, and popular opinion than strict adherence to the Hays Code, which was often ignored by Hollywood filmmakers.

As a result, films in the late 1920s and early 1930s included sexual innuendo, miscegenation, profanity, illegal drug use, promiscuity, prostitution, infidelity, abortion, intense violence and homosexuality.

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a series of stupidly gorgeous collections
paolo sebastian a/w 2014 bridal collection [+ details]

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yeah God 
prove you exist

yeah God 

prove you exist

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this is a rare time to hear me say this

but i really want to go out to the club tonight

or a bar or some such



If you believe in yourself anything is possible.

The snail

This photoset made me so happy. You go, lil snail.

lil lil snail has big big dreams

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when your fave gets dragged but it’s true image

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